Fox News Host Scared by New Animated Breaking News Alert – Video

Megyn Kelly finds the alert quite terrifying, can’t stop giggling

Just days after Fox News made headlines for ending an interview with author Thomas Ricks for criticizing the network, it’s again doing the same – this time thanks to Megyn Kelly.

She was the only one who wasn’t informed that the graphics department had created and would premiere a new, animated breaking news alert and was consequently totally taken by surprise by it. And scared, too.

Check out the video above to see Kelly losing her head over the animation, forgetting about the “fiscal cliff” she was supposed to be reporting on, and then bursting into incontrollable giggles.

“That was a new alert animation, scared me a little bit,” she said at first. Later on in the same segment, she described the alert as “terrifying.”

Even though this came across as funny (albeit in a rather unprofessional way), Kelly does seem legitimately scared. Who would have thought an animated alert could do that?

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