Fox News Anchor Caught Dancing During Commercial Break – Video

Tia Ewing has a little fun early in the morning, video goes viral

You must know that feeling when you just can’t fight the urge to get up and dance when your favorite song comes on. Tia Ewing, an anchor for Fox News, knows all about that, as the video above can confirm.

As producers cut to commercials during the broadcast the other day, Tia put Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” on and started dancing.

Lucky for us, the camera did not stop rolling, so we can now see the kind of fun some anchors, Tia included, have when they’re off the air.

“Having a little fun on the morning show. I mean, it is 4:30am. Watch the entire clip, it goes to black then appears again,” Ewing writes in the description of the video.

It has since gone viral. Really, it’s not hard to understand why.

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