Fox Gets Its Head Stuck Inside a Car Wheel

Firefighters arrive at the scene, free the distressed animal

After a fox from Norway stole an iPhone and dared text back the gadget's rightful owner, most people agreed that representatives of this species must indeed be regarded as having above-average wits.

However, one fox from Grays, Essex, proved this theory wrong after getting its head stuck in a Volkswagen's wheel and having to wait patiently for firefighters to arrive at the scene and set it free.

In order to free the distressed animal, the firefighters had to remove the wheel altogether, yet is seems that the fox did not suffer any significant injuries, sources say.

“It was stuck in a metal alloy - it got right the way through and couldn’t be released. So I called the fire brigade and they had to take the wheel off,” explained a local RSPCA inspector.

Once veterinarians agree that the fox finds itself in good health, the animal is to be released back into the wild.

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