Fox Attacks Sleeping Baby in His Own Home, Severs One of His Fingers

The baby was just one-month-old, his mother immediately rushed him to the hospital

Not long ago, a wild fox somehow made its way into Downham, a district in south-east London, entered a home and tried to kidnap a one-month-old baby.

Sources report that the infant was merely sleeping in its bed when the animal attacked him. While dragging him out of the house, the wild fox somehow managed to bite off one of his fingers.

Luckily for the baby, his mother came to the rescue, chased away the animal and then rushed him to the St. Thomas Hospital where doctors managed to reattach his finger.

By the looks of it, the infant will soon make a full recovery. On the other hand, his mother seems pretty shaken up by the whole incident and it may be a while before she manages to truly overcome the scare.

“If it had happened in my house I would not be staying here, I would move. I see some foxes here running in the broad daylight and my son saw one running along the back fence like a cat,” one of the woman's neighbors told members of the press.

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