Fox Attacks 17-Year-Old Jogger, Bites Her Leg

Clare Laudy says she eventually managed to fend off the animal

It may very well be that foxes can sometimes appear to be no more and no less than adorable, harmless creatures, yet this does not change the fact that they are wild animals and can sometimes end up hurting people.

Thus, not long after a baby in London was attacked by a fox while sleeping inside his home, the news broke that a 17-year-old jogger recently went through a rather similar experience.

Daily Mail reports that Clare Laudy was attacked by one while jogging in Epsom, Surrey. As the girl explains, the fox merely crept up behind her and sank its teeth into her leg.

Luckily for the girl, she managed to fend off the animal. However, she maintains that, in the aftermath of this incident, she is quite scared about the idea of taking up running once again.

“I was really shaken up and I'm still really terrified of foxes. If it's dark and I'm walking down roads I get really scared,” Clare Laudy told members of the press.

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