Foursquare for Android Makes It Easier to Find New Places Nearby

It should also prove a better companion for travelers

A new flavor of the popular Foursquare application is now available for download on devices running under Google’s Android operating system, with some appealing new enhancements packed inside.

The main focus in the new application release was to provide users with more recommendations on their devices, starting with the moment in which they open the app, Foursquare says.

The company explains that the new software release builds on the enhancements packed inside the previous version of the app, and that it was meant to make it easier for users to see great spots nearby when traveling to a new location.

“When you’re traveling, we’ll show you popular attractions nearby, and when you’re at home, we’ll tell you what’s new in the neighborhood,” the app’s release notes unveil.

The places search results in the application have been tailored not only for Android users who travel, but also for locals, the company explains.

“When you’re in a new city or neighborhood, Foursquare will show you popular places, sites, and must-see attractions. When you’re on your home turf, we’ll tell what spots are ‘new and notable’ — places that have recently opened in your area,” a post on the Foursquare blog reads.

Additionally, the application was meant to highlight places on a user’s to-do list and to recommend timely things (such as a place to have breakfast). The app will enable users to “find the best things around anytime, anywhere.

“Looking for somewhere to eat after the movie? Open up the app to see restaurants other people typically go to once they leave the theater. Or maybe you want to grab a drink after dinner — we can find great places for that, too,” the company explains.

“To find something more specific, just type what you’re looking for in the search bar (things like, ‘shoes’ or ‘tater tots’).”

The new flavor of Foursquare for Android is available for download from Softpedia via this link.

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