Four Chinese Government Websites Hacked by Barbaros-DZ

The hacker and his group hacked over 100 websites this year

Today, Algerian hacker Barbaros-DZ has breached and defaced four Chinese government websites.

The sites belong to the Gaobeidian City Government (, the Association of Science and Technology in Shaowu (, the Fengdu County Community Altar Town Government Public Information Network ( and the Wulanchabu City Grain Bureau (

Barbaros-DZ and the Algerian hacker group he’s working with have hacked numerous government websites from China. This year alone, he and his collective have breached over 100 sites.

The hacker says they’re on a campaign against the Chinese government.

“I'm attacking Chinese sites because they are corrupt. Look at them, they think that money is important in the world. That’s wrong. They don't understand what freedom and love is [important],” he explained.

“The Chinese country is a rich country, with much people, but much people only want much money,” he added.

“Let’s take an example, a Chinese company with 200 workers. The boss don't even care if someone is extinct, starved and that’s why I hacked important site of Chinese companies. Hopefully Chinese will be in the future a good country.”

Asked about what types of vulnerabilities he leveraged to breach the tens of Chinese government websites he targeted, the hacker revealed that Local File Inclusion and Remote File Inclusion flaws were the most common.

“I use the LFI/RFI method to injecting, and then I upload my shell to deface the site,” Barbaros-DZ explained.

It appears the Chinese government is moving fast when it comes to restoring hacked websites. All the sites, except for – on which the defacement page is a separate file, not the index page – have already been cleaned up.

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