Four CBS Twitter Accounts Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Two of the hijacked accounts, @60Minutes and @48Hours, have been suspended

A total of 4 Twitter accounts of CBS – the ones of “60 Minutes,” “48 Hours,” “Energy 103.7” and “CBS Denver” – were hacked on Saturday by members of the notorious Syrian Electronic Army.

“We have experienced problems on Twitter accounts of #60Minutes & @48Hours; We apologize for the inconvenience; Twitter is resolving issues,” CBS News wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“PLEASE NOTE: Our Twitter account was compromised earlier today. We are working with Twitter to resolve,” read a message posted on Sunday on the 60 Minutes Twitter account just before it was suspended.

The account of 48 Hours has also been suspended.

From the hacked accounts, the Syrian Electronic Army – which is known for targeting organizations they accuse of spreading false news about the situation in Syria – started publishing messages such as:

“By attacking Syria using terrorists the US regime hopes to bring a world government”

“Obama wants to destroy the Syrian and American people. We must stop this beast”

“Your duty is to protect your nation from parasites that have taken your government.”

Around one week ago, the Syrian Electronic Army breached the website and Twitter accounts of NPR, a US-based public radio station.

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