Foster Dad John's Spice Kittens Cam Goes Viral

Eight-week-old kitten attract thousands of viewers to their live stream

Spice Kittens Basil, Mace, Sage and Pepper are regular Internet celebrities, with 18,000 followers tuning in to watch their live stream every day.

As the Daily Mail published a piece on the Kitten Cam, I tuned in, to find out I was one of 2,885 live viewers.

The cam was installed by foster dad John Bartlett. Now eight-week-old, the kittens were born to stray mother Rosemary. He explains that, at first, he just wanted to see what they did when he wasn't there.

“Originally, the Kitten Cam was just so that I could keep an eye on the kittens and see how they're behaving without a human in the room,” he says.

Featured above is Basil's failed attempt at escaping the enclosure. If you like the video, check out the kittens' stream here, but be warned, as you might not be able to move from your computer for hours.

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