Forza Horizon Rally DLC Does Not Share Open World

Players will get access to new mode with seven core races

Video game developer Playground Games says that the upcoming rally-focused downloadable content pack for Forza Horizon will drop the open-world concepts and will not share any other content with the core game.

Ralph Fulton, the design director working on the racing game, tells IGN that, “Everybody here now is totally heads down on rally. And they have been for maybe about a month or so, maybe six weeks, because obviously work finishes on Horizon in advance of it coming out.”

The team has time until early December to put the finishing touches on the game content and will then deliver the new DLC to Microsoft, which will publish it on the Xbox Live service.

Talking about the actual game experience, Fulton adds, “we identified that pure, one-car-on-a-rally-route, really intense rally experience that you can get if you go deep into rally is something that I think a lot of people are going to respond to and really look forward to.”

The developer says that at least seven individual rally events are included, each of them offering multiple stages and multiple opportunities for gamers to hone their skills and retry sections where they want an improved performance.

The open-world concept of Forza Horizon will not be used because the development team and publisher Microsoft do not want to split the player base in two separate groups, based on their ownership of the rally DLC.

The new game mode will be called Horizon Rally Championship and will include new terrain and new routes to explore.

Forza Horizon is an arcade-oriented racing experience that allows players to use a variety of vehicles in order to drive around an open world based on real-life locations.

The game competes with the likes of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, from Criterion and Electronic Arts.

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