Forza 5’s Drivatar Will Not Use Cheater Profiles, Says Turn 10

The game is designed to encourage fair play among racers

Video game developer Turn 10 says that it has tweaked its new Drivatar technology for Forza Motorsport 5 to make sure that it will never use tactics that might be employed by gamers who cheat or just try to make the game hard for their peers.

Dan Greenawalt, the creative director working at the studio, says that his team has created seven separate tiers of difficulty and each player profile will be linked to one of them in order to give each gamer an appropriate level of challenge.

He is quoted by VG247 as saying that, “fast drivers tend to be cleaner, they cut corners more, they use the car a lot more, they’re much smoother. So, when you change the difficulty the racing fundamentally changes, and all this was trained by real people – it’s not programmed by us.”

The Drivatar system has also been trained to ignore moves like slamming into an opponent to gain an advantage.

He adds, “they cut off the AI and then they slam on the brakes, and they get hit. And they’re like, ‘oh, that AI hit me!’ And we’re like, ‘it’s got real human reaction times and it’s driving with the real physics, so of course it hit you! You went in front and cut it off!’”

Turn 10 hopes that the Drivatar and its human-like behavior on the track will mean that players also understand more about the rules of street racing and they behave better in multiplayer.

Forza 5 is designed to use the extra computing power of the Xbox One to create an arcade experience with impressive environmental and car visuals.

The game will be offered in 13 core territories alongside the new Microsoft console on November 22 and will receive regular car DLC packs for at least a few months after that.

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