Former Student Charged with Hacking into University of Nebraska Systems

He could spend up to 10 years in prison if found guilty

22-year-old Daniel Stratman has been officially charged with hacking into the computer systems of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln between April 24 and May 24, back when he was still a student of the educational institution.

According to the Journal Star, Stratman is accused of accessing a protected computer without authorization. In this case, the systems allegedly breached by the suspect are owned by the University of Nebraska and Nebraska State College Systems.

The details of hundreds of thousands of students, alumni, parents, employees and applicants from several colleges were contained in the databases illegally accessed by the hacker.

The university’s representatives have stated that there’s no evidence that any sensitive information has been misused.

If found guilty for the crimes he’s accused of, the man could spend up to ten years in prison.

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