Soldier Accused of Threatening to Kill Federal Officer After Sending “Angry” Email

He threatened to kill everyone that destroyed his life

Michael Martin, a former member of the United States Army, was charged after he threatened to bomb the base where he used to be stationed and threatened to kill a federal law enforcement officer.

After serving in the army for a period of 12 years, Martin was discharged and banned from entering the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) base.

However, days later, he was caught trying to illegally enter JBLM. This incident made the man angry so he decided to post a threat message on Facebook.

“I just wanna give a big [EXPLETIVE] YOUUUU!!! To Fort Lewis! Thanks 4 arresting me 4 going 2 college tonite, that was awesome!! 1st yall put me in jail 4 takin care of mommy when daddy died, now u arrest me 4 going 2 skool?!?! (sic)” he wrote.

“Whats next, r yall gonna take me to court 4 eating breakfast? Maybe take me in 4 goin 2 the bathroom?!? [EXPLETIVE] YOU!!! Keep this up & im gonna put my bomb-makin skillz 2 work!!! Think im [expletive] playin. (sic)”

Shortly after, he was visited at his apartment by members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force who wanted to question him about the threats. He refused to let them enter his home, but claimed that the bomb threats were “in reaction to being pulled out of class […] and subsequently arrested for trespassing on JBLM.”

However, the story doesn’t end here. The soldier had some dispute with his ex-girlfriend, which he blamed for the problems he had with the Army.

Because Army officials failed to share his view about the woman’s “deceptive” ways, he sent out an email to the Provost Marshall Officer threatening to kill the investigator that handled the case, his former girlfriend, and everyone else who “destroyed his life.”

Authorities see Martin as a threat because of his military training and the fact that he may have access to firearms.

The court documents are available on Seattle Weekly.

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