Former LG OLED Engineer Now with Apple

He was involved in LG's AMOLED TV efforts and is an OLED specialist

Perhaps it was the scandal between Samsung and LG over OLED technology, or some other factor, but the world has taken notice of a certain executive transfer.

Granted, it wasn't a transfer per se. Apple didn't exactly steal LG's employee from them.

Still, Dr. Jueng-jil Lee was a former senior researcher at LG Display, one that was involved in a printed AMOLED TV prototype.

Before his tenure with the company, he was responsible for development at Cambridge Display Technology (now part of Sumitomo). The company specialized in polymer-based OLED material.

That Apple chose this particular man's services suggests there might be OLED Apple TVs coming out in the future.

Of course, for that to happen, Dr. Jueng-jil Lee, and whoever else Apple hires, will have to figure out how to make the technology less expensive.

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