Former FBI Agents, US Senator, UN Official Also Victims of Bush Family Hacker

The cybercriminal boasts of hacking the accounts of 40 high-profile individuals

As it turns out, the members of the Bush family and some of their friends are not the only victims of Guccifer. The hacker has also managed to breach the accounts of several other important people, including a US Senator, former FBI agents, and a United Nations official.

An investigation has been launched into the case after private photographs and correspondence of the Bush family became public. However, in the meantime, the hacker has boasted about hacking other accounts as well.

The Smoking Gun, the publication that first reported about the Bush family hack, has contacted the hacker, who revealed that he had breached into the accounts of around 40 “high profile victims.”

One of the victims is US Senator Lisa Murkowsk, whose Yahoo! and Flickr accounts had been breached by Guccifer. The Senator’s spokesman revealed that they were not aware of the incident, but he explained that the Yahoo account, created five years ago, was only used to manage the Flickr account.

He stated that it was never used for communication.

Another victim is UN Under-Secretary-General Joseph Verner Reed. The hacker broke into his AOL account, which contained financial and travel records.

Last year, Guccifer hacked into the AOL account of Rex Evitts, the employee of a military contractor working in Iraq. Evitts died in December 2011.

Other victims are David Greenberg, a veteran intelligence analyst working for Lockheed Martin, and Susan Malone, a former FBI agent, currently serving as an Army supervisor stationed in Afghanistan.

Two former FBI agents, husband and wife, have also fallen victim to the hacker. One of them believes that the cybercriminal used spear phishing emails to pull off the stunt.

Considering that the victims were in contact with each other, this was most likely the result of a “domino effect,” one of the agents noted.

Another victim was told by her financial institution that the attacker accessed her IRA account from an IP that traced back to the Russian Federation.

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