Former Developer Reveals Internet Explorer Dirty Tricks

I will not forgive Microsoft for what it did, he says

Windows 8 comes with a completely new Internet Explorer version, one that’s not only more secure than the previous builds, but also faster and more stable.

The built-in Windows browser however was one of the apps Microsoft used to compete with and even kill some other companies on the market, an ex-web application developer and self-proclaimed expert on IE said on Reddit. Sun was one of the victims.

“Microsoft intentionally made the engine (Trident) incompatible with the W3C standards, created an incompatible JavaScript implementation and even attempted a incompatible Java implementation (for which they were sued). The point of this is their well-known EEE (embrace, extend and extinguish) policy,” he explains.

“First they implement your stuff, then they introduce incompatibilities, and then, through the power of monopoly, they pushed the original inventor out of the game. They tried to kill Sun. Literally. And to get rid of the W3C. For total web dominance.”

Internet Explorer was Microsoft’s very own weapon to fight against the other powerful players in the market and destroy them completely, the developer claims pointing out that Netscape is yet another victim of this dirty trick.

What’s more, Internet Explorer doesn’t come with any significant speed improvement, he says, while adding that Opera is the only main browser on the market that indeed comes with major enhancements.

“They had a monopoly. And we all suffered without knowing what we missed,” the IE expert explained.

While Internet Explorer remains one of the most popular browsers on the market, the developer, whose username on Reddit is Evi1M4chine, thinks that the majority of IE users is made of young and inexperienced users.

“The only people, who at this point defend Microsoft, or use IE, are people who either are too young to remember, never were informed in the first place […] or have the brain of a gold fish,” he concluded.

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