Former DC Universe Online Subscribers Get 30-Day Free Play Period

Gamers are encouraged to return to the superhero MMO

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment announces that all former subscribers of the MMO DC Universe Online can now return to the game in order to claim a 30-day period of free access and some interesting extra perks.

Those who are playing on the PC need to have paid for at least one month at the Legendary Membership level and the offer is only available before January 16, 2013 at 11: 59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Those who purchase a membership right now will get the extra time tacked on to the end of their period of subscription access.

The situation is the same on the PlayStation 3, but gamers who play on the Sony device need to know that purchasing a new Membership package before January 16 will end the current offer and any unused membership time will be lost.

More details are available on the official site of DC Universe Online.

At the moment, the superhero-powered MMO from Sony Online Entertainment is using a free-to-play structure, but those who are willing to pay monthly get access to a Legendary status.

This includes access to all the game downloadable content, introduces more Loyalty Points, slots for the character inventory and more options when dealing with the MMO.

The new offer is designed to give past players a taste of the game experience and keep them interested and paying once the free 30-day period expires.

SOE might also have to be facing a population problem with DC Universe Online and giving away a period of free access will increase the player density of the game world and make the entire experience more appealing.

Recently, John Smedley has claimed that 70 percent of revenue for SOE comes to the PS3, which means that DC Universe Online must be on solid financial grounds.

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