Form 1 3D Printer Allowed to Enter Mass Production, Finally

The Kickstarter project was successful, so manufacturing can finally start

By on February 7th, 2013 15:18 GMT

Kickstarted hosted and is still hosting many projects, some of which fail and some of which take off. There is even the occasional invention that gets a lot more acclaim and donations than expected.

Form 1, a 3D printer, is one of those rare projects. FormLabs only asked for a measly $100,000 / 74,272-100,000 Euro, but it ended up with over $2.9 million instead (2.14 million Euro).

The only reason FormLabs didn't start production months ago, when the green light was first received, was a patent infringement lawsuit from 3D Systems, which also accused Kickstarter of promoting infringing products.

FormLabs pressed on though, eventually getting the permission to go forward with its plan.

The Form 1 3D Printer will be ready for delivery by the end of April 2013. Some final tests still need to be conducted, so exact shipping dates haven't been set.

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