Football Manager 2014 Update 14.3.0 Out, Adds All Winter Transfer Data

Gamers can choose which version of the game to play

The development team at Sports Interactive announces that it is delivering a new update for Football Manager 2014, labeled 14.3.0, which is mainly designed to introduce all the transfers that have taken place in the real-world leagues during the winter break.

There are also a host of other changes linked to game performance and the match engine, with a number of bug fixes thrown in for good measure.

The official announcement from Sports Interactive states, “If you start a new game, you will be given an option to start with two databases, the default database (14.0) or the 14.3.0 Update. Included within are all the latest transfers and updated squads. The data is compatible with both modes, full Football Manager and Football Manager Classic.”

Gamers who have created their custom leagues can now also use the database introduced by update 14.3.0 for Football Manager 2014 as the basis for their own creations in order to make a more realistic experience.

The team also advises players that some transfer business that has been conducted after February 1, like some short-term loans between lesser teams, has not been included because of time constraints.

The highlights from the rest of the patch are the dropping of work permits for both Romanian and Bulgarian players starting January 2014 when signing for British clubs, a smarter AI for transfers and for loans, improvements to the match engine and some media interactions.

A full rundown is available on the official site and Sports Interactive encourages all players who are affected by any time of bug after applying patch 14.3.0 to post on the forums with a clear description of their problem.

The biggest impact on Football Manager 2014 will be delivered by the game engine changes and it’s quite likely that some members of the community will criticize the development team for the them.

Yesterday, Sports Interactive announced that it was once more sponsoring the Outstanding Managerial Achievement award that the Football League gave out, with fans of the game able to deliver their nomination until noon on March 4.

A panel of specialists will then make the final decision.

Football Manager 2014 is a complex simulation experience that gives players a chance to handle all the affairs of a team in his favorite league, from the classic tactical and personnel decisions to those related to media and player interactions.

Work on this year’s installment of the franchise is probably already ongoing.

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