Football Coach Dies in Freak Accident, Students Hold Vigil to Mourn His Loss

The 59-year-old man accidentally impaled himself on a car-park barrier

This past Tuesday, a 59-year-old football coach from California passed away as a result of what can only be described as a freak accident. Long story short: Marion Adams somehow managed to impale himself on a car-park barrier.

The car-park barrier was located just outside the stadium where Marion Adams used to coach, meaning that both his students and several other people got the chance to witness the entire incident.

As they later told members of the press, Marion Adams merely got on his bike and began cycling away from the stadium.

While cycling, he turned to wave a student goodbye and failed in continuing to keep his balance. At that point, the football coach crashed, together with his bike, and landed precisely on the car-park barrier.

According to Daily Mail, the latter plunged several inches into his stomach, causing significant injuries. The accident took place on Monday, yet Marion Adams managed to stay alive for several more hours.

This was because his students did their best in keeping him aware until the emergency services arrived at the spot, and because the latter spared no efforts in trying to save him.

Thus, doctors performed two different surgeries, hoping that they will succeed in gaining control of the football coach's internal bleeding.

In the end, his injuries proved to be too severe and, coming Tuesday, Marion Adams passed away.

Needless to say, Marion's wife, son, daughter, and two grandchildren were left devastated by his passing away in such a tragic manner.

“It’s like a nightmare. I keep waiting to wake up, just hasn’t hit me all the way.” the football coach's son told members of the press.

The accident took place nearby the Rio Linda High School, in Sacramento County. Following the coach's passing away, hundreds of students agreed to take part in vigil and pay their homages.

“This was a terrible loss, not just to those connected to the school but to the entire community. Marion was a man of solid strength and very good-natured. A man of honor who put 100% into improving our world by teaching our children both on the field and off,” the President of the Rio Linda Knights supporters club, Mark Manning, told members of the press.

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