'Follow' the iPhone 5 Launch with Decide.com

Consumer shopping service expects the next iPhone to launch in two weeks

Decide, a new shopping service that helps consumers buy their latest gadgets “with no regrets” is anticipating a new iPhone model, much like the rest of the industry. What they claim to offer, for their part, is the opportunity to "follow" the iPhone 5 launch.

Decide.com touts itself as being the only electronics shopping service that predicts when to buy consumer electronics with no regrets.

They’ve recently expanded their offering to include mobile phones, “making it easy for shoppers to stay current on top product price changes and new model releases.”

Needless to point out, with fall 2011 underway, everyone’s eyes are on Apple with the much rumored fifth-generation iPhone.

On their web site, the folks at Decide list all the options customers currently have for existing iPhones. They also put up a sign that says “Next model coming October, 2011” with an option to follow them on Twitter and get the latest updates.

“Decide […] enables shoppers to ‘follow’ the iPhone to get the latest news and rumors on the upcoming iPhone 5 launch from hundreds of sources including CE manufacturers and expert news services,” the company said in an announcement that hit the wires earlier today.

“Want to stay on top of the latest news and rumors to know when to buy the iPhone 5? Decide's new iPhone feed aggregates and helps you track the latest news and rumors on the iPhone 5,” they add.

All one needs to do is visit Decide.com and search for iPhone, or follow @d_iPhone on Twitter “to be one of the first to know when to buy the iPhone 5.”

Decide also notes on its web site that its "data scientists" believe the current iPhone prices will hold steady in the days leading to the iPhone 5 launch, but that it’s all about to change in about two weeks, when the new handset is launched.

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