Foldable Bike Helmets Now Available for Pre-Sale

These helmets are perfect for those who cycle a lot, only cost $97 (€73.67)

Cycling enthusiasts know that, when the time comes to “park” one's bicycle and go about their business, findings a proper place to store one's helmet is a rather tricky thing to do.

However, the foldable bike helmet now available for sale on Ulule was designed and manufactured specifically to deal with this problem.

As the people behind this project explain, their foldable helmet is both stylish and highly practical.

“Our folding bicycle helmet is a unique innovation in its market : in the folded position, the helmet's volume is divided by 3,” reads the product's description.

Should this innovative helmet succeed in securing at least 100 pre-orders before 02/06/2013, funding for large-scale manufacturing will be made available to its designers.

Those wishing to pre-order a foldable helmet can do so for $97 (€73.67), and a few extra bucks will also get them one or two accessories.

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