“Flying into the Apocalypse” Photo Goes Viral on Reddit

A passenger on a plane captures a shot of a waterspout, in Florida

This amazing shot of what many believe is a cyclone received thousands of upvotes on Reddit and half a million hits on Imgur.

User FearNWhisky uploaded it just two days ago, but originally photographed the phenomenon in 2009.

The image was captured using an iPhone 3G, in August, from a plane flying to Key West, Florida.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you look out the right side of the plane you will presently see we are flying right into the apocalypse,” the user describes.

What we see in this shot is actually a waterspout, quite common to Florida, a funnel-shaped cloud or vortex formed over water, connected to a cloud.

Wikipedia describes that can also be referred to as a non-supercell tornado, that can only occur over a body of water.

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