Flying Wind Turbine Brings Affordable Clean Energy

It offers many advantages and comes with a reduced initial investment cost

Renewable energy is a noble cause, but nowadays the investment cost for such technologies is very high. Altaeros Energies, a company from Massachusetts, has created a marvelous device that will likely drive the cost of investing in wind energy, and also the price of such electricity way down.

The prototype is a wind-turbine that doesn't just sit on a field or on a hill-top. Altaeros Energies’ solution  has a helium-filled outer section, which allows it to deploy itself to 1,000 feet height, where it can benefit from stronger winds.

The energy advantage is significant, as with the higher altitude come stronger and more consistent winds, that will yield 200% the generated energy when compared to a land-based turbine.

Moreover, there is a huge investment cost advantage and a significant cost reduction regarding daily operation.

The investment cost is considerably lower than building a steel, land-based turbine.

The cost of daily operation can also be much lower as you can move your turbine to land owners that desire lower fees for allowing you to deploy it on their property.

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