Flushing Pet Fish Is Bad for the Environment, Study Finds

This practice can lead to non-native species taking over local ecosystems

The University of California has issued a new report stating that those who own pet fish and believe that they could make them happier by setting them free should not resort to flushing them or setting them loose in whatever waterways are located in their proximity.

This is because this practice might eventually translate into non-native species taking over natural ecosystems in various parts of the United States, Practical Fish Keeping reports.

“Although relatively few aquarium species have been introduced compared to species in other pathways, such as ballast water, they are highly successful because they're grown to be hardy and robust. They have to be tough to survive in the trade,” explained the study's lead author, Susan Williams.

As far as Susan Williams is concerned, those who wish to get rid of their fish need only contact either the vendor, or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and ask for their help.

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