Floyd Mayweather Responds to 50 Cent’s Ice Bucket Challenge: I Don’t Need Your Money

Boxer posts checks adding up to over $72 / €54.3 million, completely misses the point

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally responded to 50 Cent’s public diss masked as an Ice Bucket Challenge and he’s not beating about the bush at all: he’s not going to read anything on camera, neither Harry Potter nor Cat in the Hat, because he makes too much money already.

This whole thing started late last week when 50 Cent took the Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral Challenge is raising money and awareness for the ALS Association in the hope of finding a cure for ALS, and sees people who have been nominated by their friends either douse themselves with a bucket of ice water or donate to the Association.

The rapper chose to use the opportunity to combine charity work with throwing a bit of shade at his rival, Mayweather, whom he accused a couple of years back of stealing $2 million (€1.51 million) from him: so he offered to pay $750,000 (€566,358) to any charity organization of Mayweather’s choosing if he could read an entire page from any Harry Potter book.

Hours later, he made things even easier for the boxer by saying the offer still stood if he read Cat in the Hat on Jimmy Kimmel.

Completely missing the point (i.e. that Fiddy would give that impressive amount to charity, not to him), Mayweather responded on Twitter by posting photos of two checks he cashed in more recently. He doesn’t say it out loud but the suggestion is there: I don’t need your money because I make plenty on my own.

“Read this $72,276,000.00 [€54,578,820]. God bless,” he wrote in the description of the photo. And with that, he seems to have put an end to Fiddy’s silly challenge because it’s clear he has zero intention of going on camera to embarrass himself by attempting to read. The video below better explains the kind of embarrassment he would subject himself to if he accepted the offer.

Of course, the rapper isn’t letting this go just yet so, since Mayweather’s tweet, he’s been taunting him on social media with Photoshopped photos and all kinds of mocking messages.

“I guess you want people to see your math is better then your reading. Get a account Floyd,the people around you are using you.if you mad at me call me or come see me,” he writes. “Champ your first lost is to Harry Potter, Damn boy lol,” Fiddy adds in the description of a photo showing a faux boxing match promo shot, with Mayweather and Harry Potter, as played by Daniel Radcliffe.

It’s probably safe to assume Mayweather won’t be responding to provocation from 50 Cent, no matter how aggressive. So while this has been fun to watch, it’s sad to note that the boxing champ missed the charity angle altogether: he could have gotten Fiddy to donate all that money to charity and he would still have come out as the better man.

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