Florida's Burmese Python Hunt Debuts Today

Hundreds of amateur hunters have signed up for the challenge

As previously reported, the Burmese pythons now inhabiting Florida's natural ecosystems constitute a threat to local wildlife.

However, this invasive species will soon cease being a threat, courtesy of a one-month hunt organized by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

This year's so-called python challenge is set to make its debut today, and it looks like hundreds of amateur hunters have thus far expressed their desire to help rid the state of these pesky invaders.

For those unaware, Burmese pythons are not native to the US.

Thus, they only ended up thriving in this part of the world as a result of their being purchased from Southeast Asia by various people who worked on the assumption that they might make excellent pets and who sooner of later had no choice except release them into the wild.

“Information collected from the harvested snakes, including their size and location, will contribute to the ongoing research and management programs currently addressing the Burmese python population in Florida,” the people who organized this hunt wished to emphasize.

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