Florida Dentist Loses License over Addiction to Laughing Gas

Patients reported the dentist for inhaling laughing gas in front of them

Dr. Sharon O'Steen, of DeBary, Florida, got her dentist's license suspended as soon as authorities found she had been inhaling laughing gas before procedures.

She had been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over 16 years, according to her ad on local television, and she had long struggled with addiction to nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Click Orlando describes how she was reported by patients, that claimed that O'Steen had inhaled the gas right in front of them.

The Department of Health has O'Steen on record checking into a clinic, voluntarily, in June, for her drug problem. Her practice remained closed during that month, but she reopened it in August.

An emergency suspension has been issued by health officials in the dentist's case, as it was proven that O'Steen's addiction put her patients at risk.

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