Florida Cars Are Tricked Out with 30-Inch (76.2-cm) Wheels – Video

Give your car “street-cred” with gigantic rims and bold colors

Believe it or not, gigantic 30-inch (76.2-cm) wheels are trending in Florida right now. Just check out this pink Chrysler 300, which looks like the Snoop Dog mobile.

You can expect an 80s music singer to step out of the car at any point.

If you too want to burn rubber in style, you can go for an orange-colored Chevy Caprice coupe. Central Florida also bring us a blood-red Escalade which is probably meant to give “street-cred.”

Owners tend to prefer shiny chrome accessories, and color-coordinate all elements of their car – wheels, exterior, interior.

Many have caught their disco era-reminiscent vehicles, with gigantic rims, on camera, and uploaded the clips on YouTube. Here are three of them, as part of a compilation put together by autoevolution.

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