Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine Stops Concert to Break Up Fight – Video

Singer cuts set short to scold pair of fans, give girl a hug

Even though it seemed as if Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine could not get any cooler, the video above comes to prove the contrary. It was shot at a recent concert, which she cut short to break up a fight.

The band was performing in Aberdeen, Scotland at the AECC arena over the weekend, when Florence noticed that some fans in the audience were fighting.

The video doesn’t show any of that, but it does show Florence’s amazing reaction to it.

“No fighting allowed! It doesn’t matter whose fault it is... seriously all of you, STOP IT,” she says, after interrupting the song to admonish them.

Then, she notices that a little girl is crying, so she simply goes off the stage to give her a hug. Moments later, before picking up the song where she’d left it, Florence sends out a message of peace and love.

This woman really is perfection, isn’t she?

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