Flights In and Out of Paris Canceled due to Snow

Half the Air France flights were called off yesterday

It snowed in Paris, France over the weekend, and although the sights are extraordinary, those planning to travel in or out of Paris may find themselves in a jam.

40 percent of all flights out of Paris were canceled on Sunday, January 21, Travelers Today notes. The percentage refers to both Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. On Monday, half of short- and medium-haul flights by the Air France airline were called off.

The snow caused problems with public transportation and power outages. In the southwestern region of the country, 25,000 homes remained without electrical power.

Other airports in Europe registered cancellations and delays. 130 flights out of Heathrow, in London, were stopped yesterday, compared to Frankfurt's 180 and Munich's 200. In Barcelona, 16 have been countermanded.

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