Flat Panel TV Prices on the Rise

Market observers say this is more of a recovery than anything else

RAM isn't the only market segment that has been going through less than stellar times. Though it wasn't to the same extent, flat panel TVs have been experiencing a down period of their own.

2013 may probe a bit better though, for those that make and sell the display at any rate.

While consumers won't really have cause to consider price increases a good thing, companies that make them should be glad to know that business in emerging markets may lead to an overall rise.

All eyes are now on Latin America and Southeast Asia, where consumers are swapping CRT TVs with low-price direct-type backlit LED TVs of around 32 inches.

29-inch and 58-inch LED TVs of the same sort are bound to experience a high demand as well this year (2013).

These conditions may be enough to end the price war between TV vendors.

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