Flash Player 11.6 Addresses Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Most of the security problems could lead to unauthorized code execution

Adobe released the stable version for Flash Player 11.6 and, besides the new features and improvements, they also included a set of security fixes. The new update addresses critical vulnerabilities and users are highly recommended to apply it.

Most of the vulnerabilities present in versions previous to Flash Player 11.6 could have led to code execution, and one of them could result in information disclosure.

The problems that have been addressed include multiple buffer overflow issues (10 of them to be exact) as well as an integer overflow vulnerability.

On the same note, the developer solved a couple of memory corruption and a few use-after-free vulnerabilities.

As mentioned earlier, these could lead to unauthorized code execution. The priority rating for the update is the highest on Windows, so Adobe recommends administrators to install the fresh release as soon as possible.

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