Flash, Adobe Reader and Java Hacked on the Second Day of Pwn2Own 2013

Mozilla and Google have already fixed the issues identified on the first day

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome were hacked on the first day of Pwn2Own. The second day was just as successful with Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java being “pwned” by the participants.

Flash has been cracked by French security firm VUPEN, Reader by George Hotz and Java by Ben Murphy. It appears Pham Toan hasn’t managed to beat Internet Explorer 10.

On the first day of the competition, Firefox 19, IE 10 and Java were “pwned” by VUPEN and Chrome by experts from MWR Labs. James Forshaw and Joshua Drake also managed to find vulnerabilities in Java.

It’s worth mentioning that Java hacks are worth $20,000 (15,000 EUR), while Reader and Flash exploits are rewarded with $70,000 (52,000 EUR)

The total amount of prizes handed out at the 2013 edition of Pwn2Own is $480,000 (364,000 EUR).

Google and Mozilla have already addressed the issues identified at Pwn2Own. The latest version of Chrome is available here and the latest variant of Firefox can be downloaded from here.

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