Five Major Companies Join The Linux Foundation

More and more companies chose to join the open software organization

The Linux Foundation has announced that Amarula Solutions, Freescale, SIM Technology Group, Superb Internet, and Symphony Teleca are joining the organization.

The Linux Foundation is gathering more and more members, mostly because the Linux platform has increased its role in embedded development and cloud computing.

Amarula Solutions is a consulting firm focused on embedded software development with roots in mobile telecom and networking solutions. Its goal is to promote open source software for building competitive solutions around Linux and Android.

They have already contributed with patches, drivers and machine-layer code to the Linux kernel, mostly to provide support for the devices.

Freescale is responsible for a lot of products, ranging from microprocessors and microcontrollers to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity.

“The Linux Foundation hosts critically important embedded development work with the Yocto Project and collaboration with OpenEmbedded, among other initiatives. It’s a natural move for us to join the organization and increase our contributions, as well as to aggressively advance our own strategic initiatives,” said Raja Tabet, vice president of Software and Systems for Freescale’s Digital Networking organization.

SIM Technology Group is a company that develops handsets, wireless communication modules and related application solutions and its subsidiaries provide wireless communication terminal solutions, ranging from 2.5G, 3G to 3.5G.

Superb Internet Corporation was founded in 1996 and it's one of the most known webhosting companies, providing a full range of hosting services such as server co-location, dedicated servers, virtual web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) and domain registration.

The last company to join The Linux Foundation, Symphony Teleca Corporation is a services provider dedicated to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices.

“The Linux operating system in 2012 has advanced in every technical area thanks to the collaboration and diligence of a global community,” stated Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation.

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