Fists, Chairs Fly at Country Club over Homeowners' Association Elections

At least one person was hurt, while another suffered a seizure during the brawl

A country club homeowners' association meeting turned into a fist-fighting, chair-throwing mess following the latest elections for the board of directors.

According to My Desert, the fight occurred at the Californian Rancho Mirage, in the Palm Springs area. The local Sheriff’s station was flooded with calls about a rumble at the quiet club location, at about 4 p.m. on Monday, February 18.

When they arrived at the 75 Columbia Drive clubhouse, they noticed chairs flying, loud shouting and violent brawls. While at least 12 people witnessed the country club incident, none of them wished to comment on it.

“The less we talk about it, the more it is forgotten,” resident Denver Ginsey explains.

However, some details have emerged about the unusually violent altercation at the Rancho Mirage. Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Myling Bordeau details that a newly-elected board member's win has been questioned by others at the meeting.

Participants opposing the board member confronted him, and the situation escalated into a full-blown mass brawl.

“Some people were upset that a certain person won and began yelling at him and pushing him,” the Sheriff’s Deputy explains.

One club member suffered a seizure during the altercation, and was transported to Eisenhower Medical Center. A second person received medical attention for the wounds incurred during the incident.

The Rancho Mirage, in Riverside, is otherwise a quiet, soothing location, complete with a golf course, pools, spas and tennis courts.

“Rancho Mirage Country Club has a rich history, as distinguished as our address at the corner of Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra Drives.

“The course itself opened in 1985 and provides the golfer with mature, tree lined fairways, subtle undulations, and perfect year round playing conditions, plus views of the entire Coachella Valley and the snow capped peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains from the elevated tees,” the description on the club’s website reads.

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