Fishermen in Alaska Rescue Killer Whale

The whale was stuck on some rocks, needed help getting back in the water

A killer whale owes its life to three fishermen in Alaska who rescued it after it had somehow become stranded on some rocks in Klakas Inlet.

The fishermen told the press that it took them about four hours to save the female orca whale.

By the looks of it, they had to use some oars to move the marine mammal ever so slightly and guide it towards the water.

“As soon as we realized we actually could move her a little bit, we just did what we had to, really grunt, groan, and put some sweat into it,” the fishermen said, as cited by Huffington Post.

“The whale never fought us. She just sat there docile and calm the whole time and let us do what we needed to do. If we stopped petting her, she'd cry some more,” they added.

The incident occurred on September 30. The whale has not been seen since then, but something tells me that it is doing alright.

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