Fishermen Find “Monster” 1,000 Lbs. (454 Kg) Tuna

The fish caught in Nova Scotia, in Canada, took two hours to bring on the boat

An incredibly large blue fin tuna is captured by two fishermen off the coast of Nova Scotia, in Canada. The fish weighs a massive 1,000 lbs. (454 Kg), and it took two hours to bring on the boat.

The picture reveals this “monster” is about twice as long as an average man is tall.

“Tuna are brutes, in a league of their own.

“When we got it to the surface, it was unbelievable,” one fisherman says, recalling the spectacular catch.

The fish was landed by a team of two men – 37-year-old Neil Cooke, owner of the Bournemouth Fishing Lodge, and 30-year-old Mark Towers, a fish farmer in Ghana.

The pair stand to pocket about £20,000 ($32,000 / €24,800) for their catch, according to the Dorset Echo. It looks like someone will be making a lot of sushi!

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