Fisherman Finds Extremely Rare Four-Clawed Maine Lobster

Zach Donnell plans to donate the find to the Maine Department of Marine Resources

Fisherman Zach Donnell has found a rare specimen of lobster, which has four claws. The man from Wells in Maine caught the lobster in one of his traps.

WCVB writes that Donnell has no intention of selling the lobster. He was planning to take it to a market, but since finding out he stumbled upon a possible once-in-a-lifetime catch, he has it at home and is now feeding it.

He might keep it until springtime, as the Maine Department of Marine Resources in Boothbay is closed for the season and he intends to donate it.

The picture only partially reveals the fact that the lobster has three arms and four claws, which act like thumbs, according to the fisherman's description.

The 4 claws are a result of a genetic abnormality, Daily Mail explains. However, if lobsters lose claws, they grow others.

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