Fisherman Catches 96lb (43 kg) Monster Eel

Andy Parker makes record-breaking find in British waters

Fisherman Andy Parker poses for a shot with a remarkably large eel he caught in British waters, off the coast of Devon.

What you see in the picture is a 96lb (43 kg) monster eel, which took about 40 minutes to catch and bring on the boat, Travel Aol writes.

The angler from Huddersfield made this record-breaking find about 35 miles off Torquay, Devon. He explains the actual moment of the capture as a “boxing match.”

It's no wonder, with this giant specimen, later identified as a conger eel. Parker and his crew first reacted with fear to the sight of it, before trying to bring it in.

“We could not believe the size of it, it looked like some sort of deep-sea monster from a horror movie,” he describes.

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