Fish Grabs Man's Arm As He Tries to Lure It on a Jetty – Video

The “victim”, a man from Florida, eventually frees him arm

A terrifying video has made its way online in the past week – that of a man getting his hand grabbed by a large fish.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by user newsInworld, and, as we can read in the description, the victim is a man called Ryan Reynolds.

The Sun indicates that the “creature”attacking him is a tarpon, placing the incident somewhere in Florida.

The star of the video didn't seem to carry any rod with him, so I can assume he wasn't fishing. He probably tried to lure the fish into leaping on the jetty.

The tarpon jumps out and grabs his arm, all the way to his elbow. As you watch the clip, you are convinced for a few seconds that it will chew it off. Fortunately, all ends well and he can free himself.

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