First iPhone 6 Clone Is Out, Runs on Android

The Chinese clone makers have seen enough of the iPhone 6 to make their own device

It only takes a few leaks of different iPhone 6 parts and you've got a clone. The Chinese makers made sure to include all the icons from iOS 8 to make the device look realistic. 
French website has posted 16 photos of a seemingly identical to an iPhone 6 device. The phone is working just fine and it has the looks and some of the feel of the Apple gadget, but it runs on a modified version of Android OS, just like all the other clones. 
According to the source of this story, the clone was made using technical designs, industrial models and the back casing was copied after the rear shell of the iPhone 6 that was smuggled out of the Chinese manufacturing plants working with Apple. 
This is a common practice among Chinese knock-off makers, but they usually do not come out with devices before Apple releases the new iPhone. That would be because they want to make sure they can fool more customers into buying the clones and they need to copy every single detail from the original. 
This clone even has a Touch ID ring around the home button, but the people who got their hands on this device did not specify if it actually works as a fingerprint reader. 
The iPhone clone came out with all the default apps that the original has: Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Weather, Clock, Maps, Videos, Notes, Reminders, Stocks, Newsstand, App Store, Passbook, Compass, Settings, Phone, Mail, Safari and Music. 
There's also a YouTube app that doesn't usually come with the operating system and another icon with an "S" on it. The phone doesn't have a lightning port connector, but a microUSB and the flash on the back is not a dual one. Also, the back camera protrudes from the case.
The has less menus than the ones on iOS. The missing ones are Personal Hotspot, Carrier, Wallpapers & Brightness and Touch IS & Passcode. 
A redesigned version of iPhone is expected in early fall 2014. The new Apple flagship phone is rumored to come out in two different models ¬– a 4.7-inch diagonal display and a 5.5-inch one. So far, we have seen parts made for what looks like the 4.7" model. They all came from the Chinese manufacturers that are currently under contract with Apple – Pegatron and Foxconn.

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