First Release of UC Browser for iPad Is Officially Available

It brings fast and smooth browsing, unique features

UC Browser is one of the most popular applications on devices running under Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms out there, and is now available on the Apple iPad as well.

The team of developers behind the browser has just announced that the UC Browser 1.0 for iPad is now out and available for download on all supported devices.

The browser is available for download as version at the moment, providing users with the possibility to enjoy fast and smooth Internet navigation.

The application arrives with a great focus on social networking and fast access to news, based on the fact that many iPad users want these features to be at hand on their devices.

“We conducted a deep research to realize how people use their iPad. We knew that 54% users take reading news, 54% for mails, 39% users prefer to access the social network through the iPads,” the company notes.

Thus, the UC Browser team has worked on ensuring that these capabilities are available in their application, and that other features are also there, some of which are not available with the Safari browser that comes default with the iPad.

“UC Browser provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience. Adaptable configuration helps you adjust your way of browsing under different network connections, reduce data cost and speed up page loading with compression,” the team notes.

The browser comes with support for gestures, making it easy for users to close tabs, open new ones or switch between them.

The application also provides users with the possibility to easily bookmark web pages and sort these bookmarks, or to customize the UC Browser the way they consider it best fitted.

Incognito browsing is also available, along with a shortcut widget, speed dial, and a quick reads feature for users to easily stay on top of updates on their favorite websites.

UC Browser 1.0 for iPad is available for download from Softpedia now, via this link.

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