First Trailer for Starz’s “Da Vinci’s Demons” Is Here

New series premieres this spring, is already generating quite a buzz online

For the past couple of years, if not actually more, Starz has been slowly but surely making a name for itself with its impressive offering in scripted programming. The network is preparing another surprise for fans, one for which it just premiered a brand new trailer.

Check it out above.

The new series is called “Da Vinci’s Demons” and, whether you’re a history buff or simply don’t mind how facts can be twisted thanks to a little gimmick known as poetic license, it will most certainly be extremely good looking.

Tom Riley stars as the titular character, a “tortured genius” in “a world where thought and faith are controlled,” who “fights to set knowledge free.”

“[He] defies authority and throws himself into the future, forever changing the fate of mankind. From David S. Goyer co-writer of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Da Vinci's Demons will reveal the hero behind the genius,” a brief synopsis of the series says.

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