First Release Candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007

Mandriva Linux 2007 RC1 Released

"Mona" is the name of the first release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007: "Mona, or Máni, God of the Moon, has been unleashed by Warly and the team. On the race to Mandriva Linux 2007, it’s the first release candidate. Miam."

Mandriva Linux 2007 is scheduled to be available on 15th September 2006, next Friday.

Changes from 2007 beta 3 are:

■ New Ia Ora Theme also available under KDE

■ New backgrounds integrated

■ The network module b44 should be fixed

■ The default web page for the web browser should display correctly.

Changes from 2006 are:

■ New 3D desktop support (both with AIGLX and Xgl) and new tool to configure it (drak3d), also in the One CDs

■ GNOME 2.16

■ Kernel 2.6.17 (based on, with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2, i965 support, and new kernel factorization: normal, enterprise and legacy)

■ KDE 3.5.4

■ New 'Ia Ora' Mandriva Theme (still only included in GNOME)

■ New VPN configuration tool (drakvpn)

■ New tool to configure a redundant firewall with ucarp (invictus-firewall).

Known issues of this release are:

■ Anti-Aliasing may not be correctly activated into KDE, you must use kcontrol to force it

■ Ia_Ora may not be selected by default under KDE, you must have the package ia_ora-kde and ia_ora-kde-kwin installed and activated in kcontrol->Style

■ rpmdrake is not uninstalling packages correctly.

You can download and test this first release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007 now from Softpedia.

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