First National Bank of Long Island, Operation Robin Hood Victim

p0isAnon proved that banks are vulnerable in front of Operation Robin Hood

In order to prove me wrong and to show they’re still able to pull off a hacking operation, the hacktivists behind Operation Robin Hood revealed the vulnerabilities present in the website of the First National Bank of Long Island.

“I wanna say, that, we TeaMp0isoN pulled off any project we started, sooner or later of course. As i am not defacer or fame hunting kid/skid, I’ll just prove that banks are secure and can(WILL) be hacked,” wrote the hackers in response to my article.

By making use of an SQL injection flaw, members of the newly formed alliance, p0isAnon, injected a piece of arbitrary code into the website.

To prove the attack concept, they posted a link that clearly shows the vulnerability really exists.

“Remember : I havent touched their database. Why? Because innocent people could get money lost if i did, so this is just warning for you to withdraw your money from banks,” the hackers state.

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