First Microsoft Surface Bug Found: Sound Is Unexpectedly Muted

More and more users report the issue on the Microsoft support forums

Microsoft’s 3-mm thin Touch Cover released with the Surface is apparently at fault for what seems to be the first major bug discovered on the new tablet.

More and more users report the problem on the Microsoft Answers support forum and we can also confirm that the same issue was experienced on our Surface tablets too.

In just a few words, sometimes when you’re using the Touch Cover for typing, the sound is unexpectedly muted, without even touching the volume controls. Pressing the “unmute” button solves the problem, but it keeps happening at random times.

Here’s what one of the forum posters wrote in a Microsoft Answer topic:

“I have noticed that my Surface RT 64 GB randomly just decides to mute itself. Is this a known issue? I can hit the volume rocker and it unmutes the device, but it is a little frustrating when you are watching something and it just decides that it is time to mute.”

There’s no workaround for the issue and forum moderators suggest that it all comes down to the Touch Cover. While nobody can confirm that this is indeed a bug affecting the keyboard, people are advised to contact Microsoft in order to get the Touch Cover replaced, writes.

“Regarding the issue of having the sound mute randomly, and in TH IT's case, unmute, please get in touch with the Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch / Type Cover. We're still investigating the issue, however it appears that the cover may be the issue,” one of the forum moderators wrote.

Users who want to exchange their Touch Cover can check this website to access the Surface Online Service Center. If you, however, want to discuss with a Microsoft expert on the matter, click here to load the Microsoft Answer Desk for Surface page.

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