First Look at Tom Cruise in “All You Need Is Kill”

Doug Liman-directed flick will be out next year, first official pic is out now

Tom Cruise may be going through hell in his personal life but, as far as his career goes, he’s never been in a better place. Next year will see him in another sci-fi action film, “All You Need Is Kill,” directed by Doug Liman.

Above is the first official photo from the film, click on the image to see it in full.

“Adapted from the book by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, All You Need is Kill follows a soldier killed in a de facto suicide mission against alien invaders called Mimics. Instead of resting in peace, however, he gets caught in a time loop of his last day alive,” Slash Film writes of the synopsis.

“As he experiences the same day over and over again, he learns from his experiences and becomes a more worthy foe to the Mimics,” adds the same media outlet.

Until this project arrives in theaters, though, Cruise will be seen as Jack Reacher in the movie of the same name this December.

Oh and let’s not forget, he’s also working already on more “Mission Impossible” films, of which he vows he’ll make as many as fans want.

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