First Look at Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover on Set of Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio is back to work: principal photography on the highly anticipated biopic “Hoover,” directed by Clint Eastwood and starring DiCaprio as the former FBI boss, has begun. The first on-set photos are out.

Since “Inception,” Leo has officially become the highest paid actor in Hollywood, the go-to man for solid performances and box office success.

It’s no wonder then that Eastwood wanted him to breathe life into the story of the controversial J. Edgar Hoover, a man whose personal life remains shrouded in mystery and plagued by questions.

As of now, shooting is taking place in Los Angeles. There are two different sets of on-set photos online, AceShowbiz reports.

In one, DiCaprio is seen on the porch of the Hoover house, taking indications from the director (Eastwood) and teaching a co-star how to smoke.

He’s dressed smartly in a black suit and white shirt, and has had his lighter hair dyed a darker shade to resemble Hoover more. He’s smoking in several shots.

In another set of pictures, he’s seen in a brown suit and brown cap, riding a bicycle through town, as camera crews accompany him.

Also in the first set of pictures is a good look at Dame Judi Dench’s character. She plays Hoover’s mother in the film and is dressed in a blue dress, and has her arms occupied with shopping bags.

Armie Hammer of “The Social Network” has also been cast in the film, though he’s yet to be seen on set. He will play Hoover’s young assistant and rumored lover Clyde Tolson.

In a recent interview, Armie talked about the “Hoover” script, hinting that fans should expect to see the mystery on Hoover’s orientation solved for once and for all.

“It’s not a kissing scene – it’s a ton of kissing scenes. [Leo is] a talented actor. I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward. The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited,” Hammer said, as cited by AceShowbiz.

For more on-set photos from “Hoover” in LA, see here and here. The film comes out in 2012.


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