First LG 55-Inch OLED HDTV Revealed in FCC Database

It turns out that the HDTV not only uses a new technology, it has Wi-Fi as well

Organic light emitting diode displays (OLED) are the newest pet project of display developers, and it is LG that is gaining attention, albeit indirectly, for creating a large-size panel of this sort.

The last OLED display we saw was Sony's 20.5-Inch monitor, which not only had an unusual aspect ratio (almost square) but also only displayed images in monochrome.

The screen that LG will soon launch, 55EM9700-UA, is a full color model, but its resolution probably isn't as high (Sony's odd invention is a 2560 x 2048 display).

The Federal Communications Commission database is where the product was found, as it has Blutooth and Wi-Fi modules as well.

Sales will start this month (December 2012) for a sum of around $10,000 / 7,736-10,000 Euro.

Assuming the Samsung-LG lawsuit doesn't get ugly, shipments should begin on time.

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